Claire Bennett

The Claire Bennett Agency


Insightful, Strategic, Effective

We are dedicated to exceptional communication practice. Our approach is based on the fundamentals of communication theory learned through higher education combined with years of practical experience.

We always approach our work with enthusiasm and integrity and pride ourselves on delivering what we say we will deliver when we say we will deliver it. Most importantly, we are committed to being effective. What drives us, is seeing great results for our clients.

The basis of our approach is the RACE model. Research, Action Plan, Communication, Evaluation.

Research is a key element in success. Without the data provided by research, practitioners can’t know the situation or recommend a solution. Before we communicate with our target audiences, we need information. We need to understand the needs of the target audience so that we can shape messages that speak to their specific needs.

Research doesn’t need to be expensive or extensive, but it should identify and/or close knowledge gaps and provide a clear path forward for the action plan. The success of a communication or plan is generally directly correlated to the quality of the information on which it was built.

Even before writing an article, we undertake some research. Which target audience must I reach to achieve the client’s objectives? How do they view themselves and the world around them? How do they think about the issues I wish to address? What is their reading and comprehension level? Will they read the sort of thing that I am writing? What style and content of communication might appeal to them? What is in their self interest?

The action plan details what we want to achieve and how we plan to achieve it. Where are we now and where do we want to be? What are the problems or opportunities we want to overcome or take advantage of? Most important in this step is drafting measurable objectives. How will we measure the effectiveness of the activities that we choose? Understanding this right from the start ensures that the actions we choose match business objectives.

You may think you need a brochure, but after doing some research and establishing your business objectives, we might recommend a completely different course of action.

Taking the time to plan effectively ensures that limited marketing funds are spent strategically where they will deliver the best return.

After creating an action plan, we implement it, creating and distributing the communication/s in various forms to reach your target audience.

Great ideas can change the world – but only if you communicate them well.

We create authentic communications that reflect your brand and engage your audiences.

To build mutually beneficial relationships, we try and facilitate two-way communication providing plenty of feedback opportunities for your customers or stakeholders to respond to your communication and have a conversation with you.

The critical last step is evaluating the success of the action plan and each of the communications within it against our objectives.

It’s imperative that we understand what worked and what didn’t work, so we know where to put our efforts in the future.