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Understanding the problems and/or opportunities facing your business and defining your target audience is critical. We are skilled at uncovering the insights that matter from both primary and secondary research.

Through examining your current customer base, your website, social media and other digital analytics, conducting a competitor analysis, internal interviews and customer interviews, reviewing secondary research reports and when appropriate commissioning new research, we ensure we truly understand your business and the environment in which it operates.

Research ensures that your communication strategy is aligned to your business objectives.


Our ability to write insightful, innovative strategies is what truly sets us apart from other agencies. A commitment to research insights allows us to build a compelling case for the recommended activities in the action plan.

Clearly identified and measurable objectives ensure that the strategy can be evaluated for effectiveness and return on investment. We are experienced in writing both corporate plans and communication plans.

In particular, we have the ability to uncover a clear path forward in complex environments.

At Eat Well Tasmania we have a broad remit where we talk to many parts of the Tasmanian community, food industry partners and government agencies. Through our relationship with Claire and her team, we have been able to take a deep dive into our core business and focus our energies on where we can have the most effective impact. Through Claire’s passion, world-class knowledge and experience we have been able to use data, industry knowledge and innovation we’ve unlocked new opportunities for our brand and our business. Carl Saunder
State Manager
Eat Well Tasmania


For effectiveness, I’d have to give Claire a 10/10. As high as I could. There is nothing to compare to. Hugely positive experience. Claire never once said no – never defaulted or missed a deadline or didn’t deliver on what she said she would deliver – it was quite remarkable. Stephen Clarke
Tree Alliance Operations Manager
Private Forests Tasmania

Brand Design & Management

A brand is not the name or a trademark. It’s the perception built in the mind of the consumer. It’s built of every interaction, both tangible and intangible. And it’s incredibly valuable. In fact, it’s your greatest business asset.

We’re brand strategists. And we engage insightful creatives. Because incredible design cannot exist without a brilliant brand strategy, born of clear consumer insights. Our insightful ideas lead to real commercial impact.

Successful brands have a relationship with their consumers. One of trust. Because every interaction supports the brand promise. That’s why our clients trust us to help tell their brand stories.

[The brand you created] turned heads internationally. [Competitors] said “you’ve rattled our cages – this is what sophisticated marketing looks like. The value is in the sophistication – the brand, the engagement, it was the springboard for our future growth. Chris Skeels-Piggins
Chief Executive Officer
Cusp Building Solutions

Website Design & Development

Content Creation & Marketing

We create and distribute valuable, relevant and authentic content that is strategically created to engage your target audiences. Our video, photography, animations and brilliantly written words will drive your audiences to action.

Through research-based insights, we carefully craft a content strategy that will deliver real results aligned with business objectives. We are skilled brand storytellers with a knack for simplifying the complex.

We understand the intricacies of a variety of platforms, both digital and traditional, and we optimise content to suit.

We also understand how to amplify your content ensuring the effort that has gone into creating it is maximised by the number of eyes that see it. By understanding and listening to your sector we can tie your content to the news of the day, finding audiences that are interested in what you have to say.

Through our scheduling software, we can then manage your accounts – posting, moderating and evaluating. Most importantly, we know how to read the metrics to ensure we are delivering a return on investment.

All the moving parts – the design, the videos, the website, the programming, the articles, the media releases – very hard to separate those out. It’s the whole package that is really the magic. You can’t isolate any of those components. Stephen Clarke
Tree Alliance Operations Manager
Private Forests Tasmania

Public Relations

When it comes to great public relations, nothing is reactive.

The key is to have a finger on the pulse, not only monitoring your brand’s name in the media but keeping abreast of news topics relating to it. This way, you can address industry topics the minute they make headlines, or even before. Proactive public relations ensures that you’re ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors, positioning your brand as a thought and industry leader in the media, with a controlled narrative.

Proactive PR also means unearthing any newsworthy stories relating to your brand, writing a proper release, and presenting these to the right people at the right media outlets. Not only do we know what makes a good news story, but we also have an intimate knowledge of Tasmania’s media landscape with relationships forged over more than a decade.

Talk to us about protecting and bolstering your brand with the power of proactive public relations.

Claire Bennett Agency helped us develop and launch a new brand to the farming community in Tasmania. They were not only great at devising the strategy and messaging, but importantly the execution. They know the local media landscape well and achieved terrific results. Lauren Stewart
Head of Communications, Impact and Advocacy Group
New Forests Asset Management Pty Limited

In March 2022, I contracted The Claire Bennett Agency to assist with the PR associated with the re-launch of Lexus in Tasmania. From the initial consultation, I was impressed with the ‘can-do’ attitude and understanding of the promotion required. Nothing was too much trouble, and the expertise provided at our Sales Suite launch ensured a fantastic, exclusive launch event.

The written content submitted to various parties was creative, well thought out and concise and explored various angles we had not previously considered. It was clear that Claire had very strong connections in Tasmania, and her assistance in connecting with the right people has been invaluable. I will not hesitate to utilise the agency’s services as required in the future. David Jeary
Managing Director
Lexus of Tasmania

Social Media Management

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