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Case Study


Evostyle is an Australian hardwood manufacturer. They are masters of consistently exquisite, hand-crafted joinery and solid timber products. Evostyle achieve the level of finish demanded by the finest architects and designers – their level of expertise is unmatched in this country – but their profitability wasn’t reflecting that.

They needed a marketing team that could analyse the market and find its ultimate place within it. Six months in and we’d targeted a new audience, repositioned their service, re-launched their flagship product and set new objectives that look to transform their future. This Sydney-based family business is now partnered with one of the world’s most progressive brands. They chose The Claire Bennett Agency because they love our enthusiasm, our ability to think outside the box, and because they trust our expertise to grow their business.

Evostyle represents a heritage of craft and
the continual pursuit of perfection. Working at the same level of intellect and appreciation as architects and designers through continual innovation, as demonstrated by a modern and forward-thinking brand that is respectful of tradition.