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Case Study

Cusp Building Solutions

CLTP Tasmania had been on a huge development curve. Born from a fundamental belief that humans have an obligation to extract the best possible value from the resources entrusted to us, they created the world’s first plantation hardwood Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Taking a resource currently exported as woodchips, they have created a world-leading mass timber element for the built environment.

They needed a brand that would live up to who they were. We uncovered their brand DNA and created Cusp.

Cusp is about the transition through innovation – from good to great; from possibility to reality. It’s where amazing things happen to built environments and the lives of people who learn, live and work within them.

“Claire Bennett has been on the journey with us for over a year now and her expertise, professionalism, and what I can only call a fundamental grasp of marketing concepts and principles, have been fundamental in the ongoing success of the business.

I knew that marketing had the potential to transform a business, but I had never experienced it first-hand until now. This experience is now the benchmark – a textbook example of what good marketing can do.

I continue to be impressed by the level of knowledge and passion that The Claire Bennett Agency brings to each and every interaction that we have with them and see them as an important strategic partner into the future.”

Chris Skeels-Piggin, CEO, Cusp Building Solutions.

The launch of Cusp was a huge success. A post-launch survey asked the marketplace how appealing they find the Cusp brand from 1 (not at all appealing) to 7 (extremely appealing). The result? 6/7 and 100% of respondents were interested in using Cusp’s product in their future projects. The rebrand was so successful that within a month of the launch, the manufacturing facility was at full capacity. The parent company is currently seeking investment to substantially increase production capacity to meet demand.