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Development and implementation of a campaign to encourage and facilitate farmers planting commercially viable trees on Tasmanian agricultural land. Private Forests Tasmania is a government Statutory Authority. A considerable research project including secondary research and interviews with farmers, formed the foundation of an ambitious but exciting Farm Forestry Engagement Plan. The campaign, themed “Growing the Future”, will launch in March 2020 with a new campaign brand.

Deliverables –

Research Strategy Development Branding Website Video

Events Online Community Advertising Custom Publication

A substantial content development project to write researcher profiles and develop video and website content for a digital transformation project. The researcher profiles project was part of the pilot program for the University of Tasmania’s digital strategy, writing engaging articles and career overviews on the impact and objectives of the research of the top academics. The researcher profiles project was followed by a comprehensive content marketing campaign. The pilot for this campaign ran through Dark Mofo 2015. In just 6 weeks the pilot saw incredible results: 6 million global reach; 700,000+ engagements; 5% increase in university enquiries. Claire was then recruited to run the ongoing “weareutas” content campaign as the Digital Content Manager, using the powerhouse digital marketing platform Percolate.

Deliverables –

Articles Video

Website content Content strategy

Sustainable Timber Tasmania is Government Business Enterprise tasked with managing Tasmania’s public forest estate. Engagements with STT include drafting the 2019 5–year Corporate Plan and contributing to the development of the Communications and Engagement Plan by providing a research review and drafting measurable campaign objectives. Claire also delivered a presentation to the staff Leadership and Innovation Conference 2019 on brand storytelling.

‘Claire was an amazing speaker. Hearing her story and how she got where she is was truly wonderful. I felt Claire really tried to engage us all with what she does and how she does it.’
STT Staff Member

Ongoing content projects over three years to promote the impact and engagement of the institute’s research to showcase IMB as a centre for excellence and reposition the brand as a recognised global leader in discovery research. Initial project was in conjunction with my previous business partner under the brand Black+White, as a direct result of the success of the content project at the University of Tasmania.

Deliverables –

Content development, including researcher profile and impact stories Video Website content

Brochure content and design Annual Report Content

Research and implementation project to improve the experience of faculty of health students surrounding professional experience placement (PEP). The new website and communication strategy saw a dramatic change in student behaviour, for the better, there was a 1000% increase in entrances and 300% increase in traffic to the PEP homepage in the first 6 weeks.

Deliverables –

Research: User Research (Focus Groups & Interviews) User Needs Analysis Report, Internal Stakeholder Engagement Report Strategy Development Website content

Content: Articles, Video, Photography Banners Online Community

Communications consultant to the Tasmanian Government for the Tasmanian Trade Strategy. Claire helped to design and deliver Tasmania’s first Visiting Architects Program. The pilot was a huge success with the program now planned for continuation through 2020 and beyond.

Deliverables –

Ongoing Consultation and Advice Program Design

Delivery of the Tasmanian Visiting Architects Program. Content: Videos & Articles

Claire was an amazing speaker. I felt Claire really tried to engage us all with what she does and how she does it.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania
Leadership and Innovation Conference 2019


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