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A night with your butcher

Behind the French looking façade of the Huon Valley Meat Co. on the corner of Goulburn and Molle Street’s in West Hobart, there is more going on than fine butchery. Every second Tuesday night members of the Meat Co. customer community are learning about cuts of meat and how to cook them, eating fine food and drinking wine together.

Spilling in off the street, the twelve guests were welcomed by their hosts with wine and cuts of delicious salami. The front of the shop was humming with conversion as everyone shared their experiences with the brand and what interested them about sharing a night with their butcher.

Seeing Andrew the butcher collect the whole sheep carcass from the shop window and carry it to the block, does make you stop and think about the connection between the whole animal and the beautiful cuts you see in under the counter. I’d never stopped to think quite what an art form it is to be a butcher.

As Andrew diligently worked through the process, guests were truly amazed at the precision of the task. They were totally engaged to learn about what differentiates a cut, making it suitable for one dish over another. It was wonderful to see minimal waste.

As the demonstration drew to an end the aroma of slow cooked lamb filled the air. A long table had replaced the space where one would normally peruse the cabinet, and it was a joy to sit and eat a truly delicious meal with like–minded and interesting people. 

The slow cooked lamb was served with Moroccan cous cous, baby spinach leaves, baby carrots and harissa yoghurt. Handed around in big bowls it felt homely and warm to share plates on a cool winters evening.

At the end of the night Huon Valley chocolates, from the Cats Tongue Chocolatier, were the perfect finishing touch to a delightful meal.

Guests were invited to purchase the freshly cut lamb at a guest only rate to take home and prepare with fresh inspiration.