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This Blackwood waited 20 years to find this home

Highly figured Birdseye Blackwood only occurs randomly in nature, making the trees affected by it very rare and totally unique. When expert Tasmanian log graders came across this Blackwood, they knew they had something special that deserved a bespoke and iconic application. The logs were cut into boards and segregated from the normal stock, and for 20 years they waited for the perfect place to call home. 

When James Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick+Partners built his iconic Seed House, he sought the best of the best. So, when he enquired about a ‘special piece of Blackwood for a kitchen fit out’ from Tasmanian Timber, this very special timber came straight to mind. 

“This timber deserved to be showcased in the highest possible application, in a one–off job where it could be truly appreciated,” said Tasmanian Timber Chairman Shawn Britton. 

“We’re always looking for special logs and cuts of timber and we generally have something exceptional set aside all the time, waiting for the right project.”  

It’s the experience of the log graders that have been handling the resource for up to 25 years who know what to look for and the expert Sawyers (people that cut the timber) that ensures that anything distinctive or superior is set aside. 

Blackwood’s versatility exemplified in the Seed House 

Blackwood was showcased not only in the kitchen of the Seed House, but also in the bookshelves and bookcases. In addition, large decorative 300mm x 50mm vertical Blackwood rotating fins were created to filter the light. 

“The Seed House shows the versatility of the species and the adaptability of Blackwood to use across different applications in the one house,” says Britton. 

Blackwood is an exceptional furniture, joinery and flooring timber with intrinsic qualities equal or superior to any other decorative hardwood in the world. 

Celery Top Pine lining 

Celery Top Pine lining from both terrestrial and reclaimed submerged timber was utilised throughout the Seed House. 

“Celery Top Pine is highly regarded for decorative applications, boat building and joinery,” says Britton. 

“The Seed House is an exceptional showcase of this light blond Tasmanian timber, and possibly the most extensive display that will ever be seen.” 

Like Blackwood, special cuts of Celery Top Pine are separated for unique applications, in particular clear grade Celery, which is sought after by boat builders. 

Australia’s most iconic and decorative timber used in moderation

Australia’s most iconic timber, Huon Pine, was used sparingly but to great effect for shelves in the bathroom and shower and other decorative shelving throughout the house. 

“James Fitzpatrick had been collecting Huon Pine for years, and we supplemented this collection to provide the volume he required,” says Britton.   

Huon Pine is ideal as a timber for use in wet areas because of its unmatched durability. It can survive underwater for centuries. 

Huon Pine is only available as reclaimed timber and every piece is special. 

“Huon Pine is still available in both solid timber and veneer, but it is very precious.”